Workshop Schedule and Resources

Anyone is welcome to attend any or all of our meetings, workshops and service/community projects.  Membership is not required for attendance though we welcome you to join! Our Power Hour Workshops begin at 4:30 p.m. and offer new ideas and strategies to begin using the very next day.  We enjoy hosting our workshops throughout schools in Pitt and Beaufort County and offer door prizes/ “give-aways” and lots of incentives as a thank you for promoting literacy within our communities!

September 21, 2017 Power Hour with picture book author Ashley Norris at Eastern Elementary School Norris Flyer

2016-2017 Meeting Schedule *

Academic Choice activities

Previous Workshops:

2015-2016 Activity Schedule: 2015-2016 Meeting Schedule2

2014-2015 Activity Schedule (Click here to download)

2013-2014 Workshop Schedule

2012-2013 SCHEDULE

[Click here to download/print the 2010-2011 schedule.]


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